Managed Print Services

Our Managed Print Services (MPS) offer companies the best printing equipment, which adapts to the needs of their environment, flow and volume of documents. We have equipment of the most efficient and recognized brands in the market in different modalities so that your workspaces have the best option in printing, copying and scanning services.

Managed Print Services

Print Management and Control Software

Sale of Printing Equipment

If the customer’s needs are different from printer leasing or copier leasing, that is, they require the printing equipment under their complete availability, we also offer the sale of printing equipment, such as copiers, printers and multifunctionals along with consulting so that each company can choose the appropriate equipment according to their rhythm and workload.

Once the installation is completed, as an additional service, we can carry out preventive maintenance, change of consumables, as well as service and repair of equipment, through a maintenance contract or warranty and service contract (CGS) that fully covers these needs.

Advantages of having print control and management software

Our solution allows our customers to have control over the use of these printers, implementing printing policies that allow them to manage permissions, print types, secure release and thus reduce costs by saving paper, toner and electricity.

We can also configure the protection of information through the application of watermarks on printed documents and be able to perform audits by visualizing each of the prints made by user.

The system allows the configuration of printing from desktops, tablets and other Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as a control of each of the users who have sent a printout, as well as the times and dates when it was made.

Find the ideal equipment according to the volume and dimensions you need

What makes us different?

Printer Leasing

Our printer leasing service is known for being an integral service that provides equipment, consumables, spare parts and various service communication channels to our customers.

In comparison to traditional printer leasing services, in which customers pay a printer leasing only for the use of printing equipment (copiers, printers, multifunctional) where the administration, care and monitoring are left to the customer, who must check the equipment failures and notify when the consumables run out.

1. Knowing your needs

In addition, we take care of knowing the needs of a company to help you choose the right equipment for your printing, copying and scanning needs. Additionally, as part of our printer leasing service, we are committed to carry out a constant remote monitoring, which allows us to identify both the rate of use of the equipment, the levels of consumables, possible failures or replacement of spare parts, which allows us to avoid problems.

2. Recommendations according to your workflow

Once we identify your needs regarding printing volume, number of users per device and work environment conditions, we recommend the printing devices available in our printer leasing service that, based on our experience, are the best suited to your needs, rhythm and work flow.

3. Professional installation and configuration

After choosing the right printers for your business, our team of technicians will perform the installation and configuration to meet all your printing needs.

4. Real-time monitoring system

We also install a monitoring system for the entire printing fleet that allows us to know the status of each of the equipment in real time, detecting failures and the status of consumables, so we can maintain constant control of the status of the equipment and address failures as soon as they occur, even preventing them, thus improving the productivity of the company, all this as part of our printer leasing service.

5. Customer service and 24/7 service

We have several channels that allow our customers to report any failure or anomaly. Each of our printers and multifunction printers have a QR code that allows instant reporting of the equipment, we also have a portal where you can also raise report tickets or even by phone through our call center. In this way, we guarantee the established service times. As if this were not enough, we provide in-plant personnel or 24/7 service for companies that require this type of service.

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