Label Printers and Bar Code Readers

DRG Services & Solutions offers technology solutions for businesses, related to their labeling and coding needs that drive efficiency.

In industries and businesses, connecting people, assets and data is crucial, label printers and code identification systems, together with their respective supplies, are the ideal solutions that allow you to make better decisions in the shortest possible time.

Our service

We have the personnel, experience and training necessary to provide services that allow our customers to obtain complete, real-time visibility and traceability of their assets to optimize supply chain processes, warehouses, and production lines by installing and using label printers, barcode scanners, and mobile computers. 

Authorized Distributors

We are distributors of the leading brands in the labeling and coding market. With us you can buy or rent label printers, barcode readers, mobile computers or, if you already have these equipment units, you can purchase service and maintenance policies. We also provide original spare parts and supplies. 

Label printers

Meet the labeling and coding equipment we offer.

Improve the performance of your industry or company with scanners, mobile computers, tablets and label printers.

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Industrial printers

Industrial printers are designed for harsh and demanding environments. With their rugged durability and future-proof adaptability, easy-to-use barcode label printers are designed for uninterrupted reliability.

  • Specialized equipment for the manufacturing, logistics, and depot and warehouse management industries. Some models are specially designed for the healthcare sector.
  • Inventory management, distribution, shipping and receiving Quality control, work-in-process tracking
  • Administrative operations
  • Labeling to fulfill with orders and security
  • Product identification/serial numbers
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Desktop Printers

Desktop printers are compact and easy to operate, and offer the ruggedness your business needs for low to medium volume printing. We have the right desktop printer for every price point and for all your barcode label, receipt, wristband and RFID applications.

  • Ideal equipment for companies involved in retail, tourism, logistics and health services. 
  • Representational labels, narrow labels for inventory, shipping or receiving and asset identification. 
  • Work in process, inventory, product returns. 
  • Packing slips and receipt printing. 
  • Lab and sample labels.
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Mobile computers and tablets

The digital environment that companies and industries face today pushes us to work with the tools that allow us to stay connected and streamline our processes, in DRG Services & Solutions we have specialized hardware such as tablets and mobile computers.

We have a variety of mobile computer designs to prepare your workers for all types of use, from handheld computers and tablets to portable devices and vehicle mount terminals. Whether running Windows or Android operating systems, mobile computers feature robust embedded software intelligence that enables your workers to perform at their best, shift after shift.

  • Mobile computers are excellent for providing field mobility in manufacturing, logistics and for warehouse and storage management.
  • Vehicle mount computers are designed for the harsh conditions in warehouses, cold chains and sorting centers.
  • Industrial tablets are not only rugged, but also smart, and customized to the way you work.
  • Price verification/inventory
  • Item locator
  • Assisted sales, online purchase with in-store pickup (BOPIS), direct store delivery (DSD)
  • Planogram management
  • Delivery tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Location- and scheduling-based services
  • Proof of delivery Invoicing
  • Asset management
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Barcode Scanners

We know how important it is to have a quality barcode scanner that has the ability to scan dirty or damaged barcodes, survive hostile work environments and optimize day-to-day administration.

DRG Services & Solutions provides the scanners with which you will capture data with unmatched capabilities developed and constantly refined by a partner with over 50 years of proven innovation in the field, offering options for every purpose and every price point. With this, we guarantee consistent scans.

With the right scanners that can perform non-stop, in adverse conditions, with specifically designed form factors and ergonomics for continuous operation, at DRG you are certain to have the best scanner for your needs. Choose from a diverse portfolio of high-quality, high-value scanners that excel across all purposes and price points.

  • We have the scanners for every need and work environment
  • General purpose and ultra-rugged barcode scanners
  • Healthcare barcode scanners
  • Countertop barcode scanners
  • General and industrial purpose fixed mount barcode scanners.
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Label printer supplies and consumables

At DRG Services & Solutions get reliable, high-quality barcode, RFID, and card supplies to meet the demands of your application.

Genuine barcode, RFID and card supplies ensure superior print quality, durability and reading performance, and reduce printer wear and tear.

Reduces operational inconvenience by reducing incidences of missing or illegible labels, IT calls and premature printhead failures.

Enjoy high-definition images and barcodes thanks to the combination of plastic cards and original tapes. To combat card counterfeiting, alteration and duplication, choose from visible, hidden or forensic security features.

  • Supplies for label and ID printers
  • Hospital wristbands and wristbands for patient identification
  • Event wristbands RFID labels
  • Tapes
  • Receipt paper
  • Cards Laminates and card coatings
  • Tapes for card printers
  • Cleaning supplies for card printers
  • Original spare parts.

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