Document Management and Process Automation

At DRG we are aware that a document management software is nowadays a necessity and not a luxury, since it facilitates content and document management, process optimization and automation of manual tasks, which helps companies to be more agile and efficient.

A better management of information in a company facilitates its growth, optimizes its resources and allows access to information to reach only the right hands. Thanks to all these benefits, more and more companies are deciding to purchase our document management software.

Document Management Software

The main functions and capabilities of the document management software are:

What is document management software?

Document management software is an advanced IT solution that allows managing, processing, and using information in a centralized, fast, and efficient way in a company.

Our document management solutions are complete cloud or on-site integrated, secure, and subscription-based services that can be used from anywhere, on any device, and at any time in a secure and efficient way.

Thanks to the fact that DRG Services & Solutions has the support and training of the manufacturers that develop the leading software in the market and that are part of the Gartner quadrant, our consulting, installation and training is provided by professional engineers. Our document management solutions are intuitive and their configuration does not require advanced knowledge of code.

For which companies is document management software useful?

It can be said that it can be used for all kinds of businesses and companies looking to optimize processes and automate manual and repetitive tasks, as well as to keep content, information, documents, emails and connect to other systems centralized. Being solutions that can be easily scaled, including more users or being implemented in different departments at the same time or in phases, we can advance on the path of digital transformation at the pace that the company needs.

Companies that rely on our document management software integrate all the information needed for their business processes on a central platform. Invoices, delivery notes, forms, project plans, quality documentation, work instructions, production logs – all types and formats of documents and information are welcome. The automated intelligent indexing function ensures immediate, orderly and duplicate-free availability of information for fast workflows, better organization and total productivity.

How does a document manager help automate processes?

The document management solutions offered by DRG Services & Solutions, in addition to managing all types of documents and information, include Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities for the automation of simple and repetitive processes, allowing employees to focus on tasks and processes that are fundamental to the operation.

Process automation helps to streamline manual tasks such as routing document scanning, opening emails, sending information and other tasks.

This solution in addition to reading and saving information, opening emails or sending messages, notifies and assigns tasks to specific employees, initiates workflows from an electronic form or when adding certain types of documents to an electronic filing cabinet.

With these benefits we can go beyond bottom-line performance: the goal is to leverage a new pace of performance to carry out innovative work that contributes to growth, revenue enhancement and greater agility for your company.

How can I use electronic signatures for my documents?

Organizations face the challenge of modernizing their processes, especially customer-oriented ones. Integrating electronic signatures into their workflows is often the decisive link to start equipping themselves with the right tools.

In which departments should a document management software be used?

A document management software is ideal for any department within any company, let’s take a look at some examples:

Dos trabajadores que examinan la calidad del portátil en la fábrica.


With our solutions you will be able to count with agile access to the information that gives fulfillment to some processes such as:

Un hombre lidera un grupo de personas en Recursos Humanos.

Human Resources

Stacked and unorganized documents and information slow down Human Resources processes. With a content and document management system you can streamline and automate recruitment processes, integrate employee files in one place, collect information with electronic forms without paper!

In addition, you will achieve compliance in time and form of payments related to IMSS, ST, INFONAVIT, among others. And, as if that were not enough, it speeds up and ensures compliance with the specialized labor standard.

encabezado finanzas


For the Finance department it is essential to have the right information at hand for decision making, proactively managing business growth, controlling constant financial changes and making the organization’s resources more efficient.

With a document management software we provide employees with a workflow customized to the business rules to automate their processes of receipt, automatic reconciliation of CFDIs with the SAT, approval and payment of invoices. With this we invest the time of the members of this department in the best way, adding value to their activities and eliminating repetitive tasks through RPA.

In addition, by having a content management system, we are prepared for accounting audits. With our solutions you will have the backup of your operations, invoices, payment vouchers, payment complements, e-mails, agreements, evidences, etc.


Logistics and Supply Chain

An efficient logistics department must maintain control of products from production, storage and distribution; with our document management solutions we control the traceability of each product from one end of the distribution chain to the other. We obtain real-time reports to manage inventories. Automatically trigger tasks to fulfill new orders.

Visualize and access all information instantly

In the day to day of a company with paper-based processes, work teams waste a lot of time searching for the necessary information to complete their activities.

With DRG’s Document Management solutions, information, digitized documents and necessary data are always within reach in seconds, providing employees with the ability to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently.

It grants permissions for viewing, editing, access and/or authorizations according to each employee’s profile. And when the time comes for internal or external audits, you will be able to provide the auditor with access for consultation.

Remote work through Document Management Software

The growing wave of teleworking, remote work or home office in recent years has implied some challenges for certain companies, such as giving continuity to processes, having access to information that remained in the offices, maintaining communication, traceability and monitoring of processes. One of the great benefits of our document management software is that it offers secure access and archiving of documents and information, but also allows real-time collaboration between teams working from home.

We are confident that teams and individuals will continue to work from home. Slow VPNs and chaotic network drives are a drag on productivity. Having document management software enables instant centralized access to documents and keeps information flowing seamlessly between teams, regardless of location. Instantaneous, cloud-accelerated workflow ensures that all transactions take place in real-time anywhere.

High security in the management and storage of information.

Our document management platforms offer a sophisticated digital infrastructure that guarantees the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. Thus, we control what happens to our documents and data and we have the assurance that they will be captured, processed and stored securely to prevent misuse and loss.

Give your employees the appropriate rights needed to access their respective tasks and control who can view, edit, export and delete documents and information and in what context. To ensure that your information reaches the right people, the document management solution provides predefined groups, roles and profiles that you can assign to each user. Highly confidential data can also be encrypted so that even the system administrator cannot access it.

Integrate the entire IT environment

We know from experience that in a company there are already installed and running some systems such as a CRM, an ERP and in some cases a Human Resources manager, among others. But the information is still in each of these systems, without being centralized.

In order to have more fluid work processes, it is necessary to have a comprehensive view of the follow-up of a client, a project or a file. Therefore, content management software integrates with the systems already installed in your company.

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