Electronic signature

The safest and easiest way to sign your documents

DRG’s e-signature service is tailored to both in-person and remote situations, combining cryptography and biometrics to provide a secure way to sign documents electronically. This industry-leading e-signature solution offers different signature methods that can be connected to suit business needs and helps customers quickly transform the way they do business.

Main benefits:

Added value for your company

The electronic signature is an important added value in the digital transformation. With A DRG Services & Solutions. It is no longer necessary to print documents to be signed, which guarantees not only automation but also the speed of processing these documents, as well as allowing a smooth transition between document management and the archiving process.

Legal compliance in your operations

Electronic signature solutions guarantee the strength and legal compliance in your operations and manage to accumulate more evidence than any other traditional system to verify the signer’s identity.

Complies with regulations such as:

  1. European Regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS)
  2. U.S.A. (ESIGN and UETA Acts)
  3. ISO 9001 Certification
  4. ISO 27001PADES-LT Certification (Long-Term Signature)
  5. ISO/IEC 19794-7:2014

Accelerate your processes and reduce operational costs

This solution is available for our document management and process automation solutions and not only allows you to reduce costs but also drastically accelerates processes, guaranteeing a high return on investment.

eSignature options

The e-signature solutions connect with your everyday applications – DocuWare, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, Office 365, Sharepoint and many more – and offers three different signature options to meet all user needs. This unique integration allows the use of any of our signature methods:

Biometric Signature

For face-to-face and mobile environments.
This handwritten signature is used in face-to-face scenarios and is created on a Tablet that is capable of capturing biometric information during the signing process. The evidence gathered, which includes speed, inclination, and pressure applied, among other parameters, is encoded, incorporated into the document, and can be used to uniquely identify the signer, ensuring maximum legal security.

  • Logistics: orders, shipments, among others.
  • Sales: contracts at a customer service point (bank, car rental, etc.), insurance agent contracts at the customer’s home, among others.
  • Quality and production: Signing of final design acceptance prior to production. Signature of raw material quality acceptance. Signature prior to discarding defective SCRAP batches. Safety and Hygiene acceptance signature.
  • Finance and Treasury: Investment approval signature. Signature of per diem verification. Payroll approval signature. Signature on invoices for acceptance of merchandise or services.
  • Human resources: employment contracts, work instructions, training, and more.
  • Health sector: informed consent, anamnesis, treatment plans and consent for data protection.

Centralized Signature

Multi-device signature with certificates securely stored in the cloud. This remote-use electronic signature can be created using an application on a smartphone or tablet or by accessing a web page on those devices or on a computer, it allows a large volume of documents to be signed with a few clicks, making it a valuable solution for most departments. The signer is identified by a single-person certificate that has been previously installed on the device chosen for signing.

  • Logística: aprobaciones de pago, firma de albaranes y facturas, así como otros documentos
  • Banca y Seguros: cierre inmediato de los cuestionarios de salud, pólizas de seguros, acuerdos de protección legal de datos personales, entre otros
  • Ventas: contratos de venta, apertura de cuentas, contratos de financiación (préstamo/arrendamiento), contratos de alquiler y préstamo
  • Recursos Humanos: documentación de normas internas, contratos de trabajo, acuerdos de teletrabajo, o cualquier tipo de documentación laboral
  • Sector de la atención de la salud: recetas electrónicas, documentación médica en hospitales, clínicas y visitas a domicilio
  • Logistics: payment approvals, signature of delivery notes and invoices, as well as other documents.
  • Banking and Insurance: immediate closure of health questionnaires, insurance policies, personal data protection agreements, among others.
  • Sales: sales contracts, account opening, financing contracts (loan/lease), rental and loan agreements.
  • Human Resources: documentation of internal rules, employment contracts, telecommuting agreements, or any type of labor documentation.
  • Health care sector: electronic prescriptions, medical documentation in hospitals, clinics and home visits.

Remote Signature

For anyone, anywhere

This type of signature allows documents to be sent to anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or computer and requires no installation, registration, or prior knowledge. The signer receives the document via email from DocuWare, followed by an OTP (One Time Password) via SMS to the signer’s smartphone, through which an ID validated as a Trusted Service Provider verifies the signer’s identity.

  • Logistics: delivery notes and invoices, among others.
  • Services: support agreements, maintenance contracts, terms and conditions of use, damage reports, repair orders, change requests, approvals
  • Sales: sales contracts, account opening, financing contracts (loan/lease), consultation protocols, rental and loan agreements, non-disclosure agreements, etc.

Legal Framework

Our electronic signature services can provide electronic records admissible as evidence under articles 89, 1205, and 1298-A of the Code of Commerce and 210-A of the Federal Code of Civil Procedures, to support a contract’s existence, authenticity, and valid acceptance. Learn more about the legal framework for electronic signatures in Mexico.

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